Wednesday, June 9, 2010

app-assistant handleLaunch and large numbers

I've been working in the world of webOS for the last month, and while there's a lot of new APIs to learn I've not really run into an amazing "gotcha" moment until now.

In our app, we show some banner notifications. When you click on that banner notification, it takes you to a page with some information. On that page is some information about time, which means we're passing a timestamp in launchArguments (part of showBanner()).

The intriguing thing that happens is that, unlike the rest of Palm (nay, JS in general), integers passed using launchArguments are limited to 32 bits. Guess what's typically larger than 32 bits: timestamps measured in milliseconds from the epoch. It confounds me that such a limitation exists, but any number larger than 2^31 - 1 is converted to the max integer instead.

The solution? Wrap the number as a string. Bizarre that they'll let any length string through, but not a number larger than an integer. If anyone can explain, please do.

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