Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who Goes First App

Continuing with my series of boardgame-related side projects, I've written a small holo-themed app for determining who goes first called (unsurprisingly) Who Goes First.  As with most side projects it's also open source.  I released this app a while ago but thought I'd mention it here.

There wasn't much complex about it; mostly I was pleased with how easy it is to make a good-looking app with holo theming (even if you're not very talented in the design department).

The only interesting thing I learned relate to the arrow pointing towards who goes first.  If you need more than six arrows, then it'll just show "X#" inside of the arrow instead.  This required scaling the text size depending on how long the text was.  I ended up using a Region for the arrow (defined via the Path used to construct the arrow) and another Region for the text and test if they overlapped; if they did, shrink text size until they don't.  You can check out what I'm talking about in the actual ArrowView.

The one problem I've run into is when there are multiple people at the table with this app.  The app does not use networking to sync their random seeds, so you can end up with multiple people going first.  I guess my next project will have to be a "Who Runs Who Goes First First" app.  :)


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