Thursday, March 1, 2012

Upcoming Talks: AnDevCon III and Mobile March 3D

I'm going to be speaking at AnDevCon III!  My talk is called "Don't Make Me Repeat Myself: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Code Duplication and Increase Code Reuse on Android".  You can find a long description of it here.

If you register, you can use my last name ("LEW") as a $200 off coupon.  This coupon should be valid all the way up till the conference.  Also, if you register before March 2nd you get some pretty deep discounts.

I'm slated to give a demo version of this talk at the April AUG.MN meetup (April 3rd), if you happen to be near the Twin Cities.

I thought I'd also mention that I'm going to be briefly demoing Mobiata's apps at Mobile March's 3D event.   I'll also be helping out with the Android workshop on Friday.  Say hello if you happen to see me around.

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